Rob Bender  #57

Nickname: Bendinator

FSB Race Team: =FSB= Racing

Hometown: Dartmouth, N.S. Canada

Occupation: Cabinet Maker/Installer

Year Born: 1957

Joined FSB:  Season 1

Favorite NASCAR Driver: Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Primary Sponsor:  Mild To Wild Hot Sauce Shops

Favorite FSB Series and Why:
"Winston,  Cars are a blast to drive (no plates) Friday night is relaxed and the guys have been a lot-a-fun to race with."

Favorite Tracks:
1. Atlanta
2. Sears Point
3. Mosport

Other Forms of Racing:
"X-country running, a little highway drag racing. (oops; did I say that out loud?)"

Favorite FSB Moment:
"Winning South Boston from the pole. Led every lap.

FSB Career Highlights:
"First FSB League win at Sears Point.  Dominating South Boston.
Punting the boss to get to Hurk and pass him for the win at the Brickyard."

Favorite Quote:
"A bad day fishing is still better than a good day working."

Other Interests:

Family and/or Life Info:
"Married since 1981. Two children, girls, 21 & 13 years old."

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1. Pro Cup Series
2. Road Rage
3. Hungry Howies 1988 Winston Cup Series

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