Jim Ray #96

Nickname: The Boss

FSB Race Team: =FSB= Racing

Hometown: Fresno, CA USA

Occupation: Lab Tech-Site Admin

Year Born: 1975

Joined FSB: 3/12/03 (day one)

Favorite NASCAR Driver: Rusty Wallace

Primary Sponsor: fsbracing.com

Favorite FSB Series and Why:   The Road Rage Series
No yellows, no help, less luck involved.  Just us versus the track without a break. Racers drive more carefully when there are no caution flags to bail them out.

Favorite Tracks:
1. Le Mans 2006
2. Laguna Seca
3. Daytona Road Course

Other Forms of Racing: R/C Cars many years ago. We traveled all over the western US with sponsors and all the good stuff.  Had a blast and wanted to do something similar without traveling and spending a ton of money each week on tires. Yes, little tires.

Favorite FSB Moment:
Roger Brideau winning the 2007 Fall Pro Cup Series Finale live on rlmtv.com. He had a lap on the field, held it for the win, and helped get us the Team Championship. It was a long time coming for "Rocker." Good Job buddy!

FSB Career Highlights:
Pro Cup 1,2, & 4 Champion
Road Rage Seasons 4 & 8 Champion
Series Team Champions 9 times

Favorite Quote:
"It's Just a game dude."

Family and/or Life Info:
Married to my "smokin' hot wife, Rachael Ray."  We have a dog, a truck, and a mortgage..... livin' the American Dream..

View my stats in the following series:
1. Road Rage
1. Pro Cup
2. Indycars

View my favorite links:
1. The FSB Racing Online Store
2. Team FSB

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