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Glossy results insert and Lightscribe* burned image DVD included
Event image wraps around the case
The second FSB Broadcast event. 20 drivers challenged the Kyalami International Speedway in South Africa. This event showcased our Road Rage Trans-Am Series dedicated to the late Milton Nelson Minter. No cautions, high speed passing and hard braking lead to a great race to view. Some insane crashes as well.  Road racing certainly is not for the weak. Take a look at this great DVD with tons of features include the entire event. It also features announcers calling the action live, a sponsor page, highlight music video by south40 productions, and much more.

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THE Elan Games Franchise 300 7/25/06
FSB Broadcast Racing DVD
Volume 2
Created by Dan Falcon and Jim Ray
in association with
South40 Productions

Special thanks to not only our sponsors but the rlmtv broadcast crew, Irish's Billboards, and the FSB Racing League admins and drivers
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