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Hello sim racers and race fans,

Welcome to iRacing at FSB.  The first new sim added to our league since 2003.  After 13 years of NR2003 sim racing we have added iRacing to the mix.  Weekends are full of great racing with a variety of tracks and cars.  Please register and join us for all the fun.  This is respecfful, sportsmanship based racing at its best.   Check out the registration and rules links for more information.

" offers the most authentic online racing experience, using the latest technology for its staggering, ever-expanding lineup of famed racecars and courses. All of the painstaking details add up to a robust lineup of cars and tracks that are indistinguishable from the real thing — you’ll be instantly immersed upon entering the cockpit of an iRacing car. Every facet of our simulator is officially licensed and an exact replica of its real-life counterpart.

The next-generation simracing software is used by professional drivers and casual gamers alike. Although it’s a motorsport simulator at heart, its value as a training tool can’t overshadow the thrilling racing experience that awaits casual gamers looking for a driving experience unlike any other. With its basic hardware requirements, anyone with a compatible PC and steering wheel set, as well as a broadband connection, can join tens-of-thousands of other racers already in our simracing community." 3/21/16

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Series Retired
Silverado Trucks 2013
35% Oval Races
All Divisions/Applicants
Dallara DW 12 Indycar
30% Oval/Road Races
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FSB Indycar Series
Sprint Cup Cars
30% Oval/Road Races
Multiclass Cars
55 Minute Races

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Welcome to our first full season of weekly points racing within the iRacing official series format.

Race anytime you want all week long and your points will be counted against other FSBers in the same series. See points format below.

iRacing Ruf GT3 Challenge "Fixed" Setup" Series Homepage

Here is the schedule for this season. Only 8 weeks are scored so you can miss up to four weeks or have worst four weeks dropped.

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