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"Bill Vukovich was probably the greatest actual driver we have ever known in terms of his skill and his determination," says two-time Indy 500 winner Rodger Ward on ESPN SportsCentury

Bill Vukovich
Born December 13, 1918
Fresno, California

Indycar Series Event Winner
Qualify: SAT 10:00 PM EST  |  NR2003 Mod: OWR 07  |  Setup: Fixed-Fast  |  Caution Flags: ON Oval - OFF R/C
Pit Frequency: 2X  |  Damage: Moderate  |  Weather: 70* Clear  |  Race Length: 40% |  Points Sytem: Modified IRL
Record Book

As of Spring 2011  -  Season 6
Race Winners

Career Wins/Driver

27  Kevin Lewis
26  Milt Minter Jr
9   Matt Watkins
8   Steve Garrison
6   Jerry Foehrkolb
5   Roy Cutshaw
4   Greg Butcher
3   Jim Ray
3   Jeff Brumback
3   Zach Steger
2   Rod Miller
2   Francis Dittman
2   Loran Legacy

2   Ken Hill
2   Don McCorriston
2   Duane Buchler
1   Chris Cash
1   Marty URen
1   Shad Curren
1   Damian Gosztyla
1   Jim De Santi
1   Troy Null
1   Guy Pitra
1   James Hatch
1   Shawn Hurst
1   Ryan Tracey

Series Champions


1    Chris Cash
2    Kevin Lewis
3    Kevin Lewis
4    Milt Minter Jr
5    Milt Minter Jr
6    Greg Butcher
Team Champions


1    FSB Racing
2    Monsoon Motorsports
3.   Monsoon Motorsports
4.   Monsoon Motorsports
5.   Monsoon Motorsports
6.   Schrute Farms Enterprises
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