Current Sponsorship List

Those listed here are locked in for a series sponsorship between the seasons listed.

We can't thank them enough for their contributions to our league.

Pro Cup
Fastsigns  S2009
FSB Racing S2003 - F2008

Pro Trucks S2009 F2008
FSB Racing F2005 - S2008

Winston Cup
Monsoon Motorsports S2009
Hungry Howie's Pizza F2006 - F2008

Road Rage
U.S.O. & POW MIA S2009
Bender's Paint Booth F2008

Whelen Modifieds
Grace Community Church S2009 - F2009
Bandit Productions*  S2008 - F2008

White Lightning Racing  S2009 - F2009

Sportsman Trucks
Unique Shades  S2009

Sportsman Cup
Timberwolf Carpentry  S2009

FSB-WLR Indianapolis 500
White Lightning Racing & FSB Racing 2009
FSB Racing 2008

FSB All Star Shootout
FSB Racing S2003 - F2008

FSB NOW & FSB Racing 2008

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Visit solutions4idtheft today
Check out our Pro Cup Trophy Series Sponsor
Shad's Unique Shades have hit the track already.  Look here for his latest work.  U.S. sponsors our Sport Truck Trophy Truck Series on Sundays.
‘Operation USO Care Package (OUCP) – PLEASE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!’
You are not forgotten.
While Lightning Racing.   Proud sponsors of the indycar series and the indianapolis 500.
Visit today. Don't just play to win. Plan to win.
Check out the series sponsor.   Monsoon Motorsports.