Brad Otto  #31

Nickname: Leadfoot

FSB Race Team: Team =FSB=

Hometown: Fresno, CA USA

Occupation: Graphic Designer / Printer

Year Born: 1963

Joined FSB:  January 2006

Favorite NASCAR Driver: Carl Edwards

Primary Sponsor:  Xzotto Lottery Software

Favorite FSB Series and Why:
"My favorite at this time has to be the Indycar Series. The cars are quick-fast and you get a great combination of oval tracks and road courses.  2nd to that is my Pro Trucks. There Fast and a Blast to Drive!"

Favorite Tracks:
1. Kansas
2. Bridgehampton
3. Atlanta

Other Forms of Racing:
"I really enjoy the GTP mod.  That is where I really learned about the adjustments and how they effected my driving style.  It has helped improve my setups for the different series."

Favorite FSB Moment:
"Being in the 1st ever FSB Indy 500. Yeah, it's on-line and only a sim, but the pack was full and the guys were so cool headed and did a heck of a job to out last each other."

Career Highlights:
"Finishing in the top 10 of the IndyCar Series. Not one to need the spot light, it sure felt good to know that being consistent and making the right moves paid off."

Favorite Quote:
"Keep the tires warm and the beers cold." Unknown

Other Interests:
"2009, I will be going to school to get my private pilot license.  Going to the tracks is going to be a lot easier."

Family Life Info:
"I've been blessed by marrying the girl of my dreams. We reunited at our 10 year High School reunion.  Since then, life has been better then I ever thought it could be.  Three kids later and now our Grandson makes life take on a whole new meaning."

View my stats in these FSB series:
1. Pro Trucks
2. Indycars

Favorite Links:

Latest News:
"Taking a new angle on my printing Business and now will be bring  back my Digital printing for Tee shirts.  New software and better inks will bring digital prints to life!."
Page Created: 1/22/09
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