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Established: 3/1/03                      
Updated 01/06/2020

League Purpose:
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Season Format
League Tryout Period
System/Equipment Requirements:
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Weekly Series and Seasons
Special Events
Membership Fees
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Age Requirement: All applicants must be at least 16 years of age to run at FSB.  Exceptions can be made if the league owner has a verbal communication with the applicant's parent or guardian to go over rules and procedures.  Contact league promoter Sam Young at for more info.

League Purpose: 

To provide a fun, fair, and competitive online racing environment for a select group of racing enthusiasts who enjoy good clean online racing.  Our goal is to give everyone a place to race every day of the week.  We strongly believe the good sportsmanship and sense of humors shown by our members are the factors that set us apart from other leagues. However, it is just a game in the end and we realize that.  We try our best and race hard when the time is right.  We are continually searching for drivers who fit that mold rather than racers who think this is real and display a “winning at all costs” mentality.  With 12 week seasons, 15 years of service, and over 8000 points races run, we realize there is always tomorrow to come back and try again.  Click our "about FSB" page here


FSB never allows the verbal or written put downs, call outs or flaming of other drivers or the league.  NEVER in public.  This includes verbal in public, typed game chat, TS whisper, social media posts and videos depicting your discontent with a FSB Member, admin or the League itself .  This is our foremost core rule.  FSB offers our drivers a place to relax, have fun and compete in a stress free environment and is why many have chosen FSB to be their sim racing home.   

The competitiveness of racing itself will frustrate us all and we understand that. But no one at FSB is allowed to show that disgust in public.  You should mute your microphone, switch channels, or just bite your lip. We all get wrecked sometimes. We all wreck others. That's racing. If we wanted it to be perfect, we would all be racing off-line.  Those who cannot follow these very simple "good sportsmanship" guidelines that our upbringing should have taught us, will be dismissed from the league.

If it is an occasional wreck by a driver, you must let it go. If you are getting repeatedly wrecked by a specific driver and feel you are not in a fair situation, e-mail an admin. It is our job to deal with these situations. 

Our Founder Jim Ray suggests the 12 hour rule.  If you have an issue that happens at one of our races, really ticks you off, try sleeping on it. If you wake the next day, look at your replay again and feel you were definitely wronged, contact the series admin or the promoter with  your complaint and/or replays.  

Your job is to race as clean as possible and show respect for all drivers and the league at all times. You represent our league.  We encourage and embrace a very ancient, antique concept here at FSB.  If you screw up, wreck  a driver or 5, drop a sincere apology in the forum and/or after the race, and guess what.  It’s all good after that. (  *****note from the promoter****   "My bad"   really isn’t saying sorry... imo...). .  The answer to the question at the bottom of the page is "sportsmanship".   Please sign off on the core rule at the bottom of the rules page and hit submit.

Season Format:

We run three 12 consecutive week seasons. Three seasons per calendar year are run with 4 week off seasons in between. The off-seasons also have fun filled special events.


Many of our series and events are sponsored.  We can’t thank all of our past, present, and future supporters enough.  We have had great support from various companies to make those events as successful as possible.  For our sponsors, we offer as much exposure and support possible to our sponsors who pick up the tab for our trophies in many series.  Anyone looking to sponsor an event  can contact  the promoter Sam Young at .

Free tryout Period

To start the tryout process, use this registration link or on any page menu section.  Be sure to look over these rules and the other links there.  Drivers of all skill levels are encouraged to register. Applicants with minimal skills to keep pace can enjoy racing in more series for one month free. Racing in our points series requires a paying membership if accepted.  The rate is only $5 per month for countless hours of entertainment, laughs, and as much technical support as we can give.  With multiple divisions and start times, we’ll find a place for you.  

System/Equipment Requirements:

Racing Simulator: Nascar Racing 2003 Season. (Info)
Internet: Cable, DSL or better.
Equipment: Wheel, Pedals, and Headset/Microphone.


NR2003  24/7 Servers  are found in the Racelm Arena 5.0

Connect through Arena

Connect through Arena

Connect through Arena

Teamspeak 3 Server
Download and connect through the LIVE page. 


Current Racing Series 

Monday: Pro & FSB Cup Series (Seperate Points)
Track Opens: 8:30 PM EST
Qualify: 9:30 PM EST
Open To: Pro Division

Tuesday: Super Speedway Series 
Track Opens: 8:30 PM EST
Qualify: 9:30 PM EST
Open To: All Divisions and Applicants

Tuesday Late Night: The 88 Chicken Run Series
Track Opens: 9:30 PM EST
Qualify: Various - 11:00 PM EST
Open To: All Divisions and Applicants 

Wednesday: The Grand National Sprint Series (Short caution free sprint races)
Track Opens: 8:00 PM EST
Qualify: 9:00 PM EST
Open To: All Divisions and Applicants 

Wednesday: The PTA Trans Am Road Rage Series
Track Opens: 8:30 PM EST
Qualify: 9:30 PM EST
Open To: All Divisions and Applicants 

Thursday: Pro & FSB Truck Series (Seperate Points)
Track Opens: 8:30 PM EST
Qualify: 9:30 PM EST
Open To: All Divisions and Applicants

Friday: 88 Winston Cup Series
Track Opens: 8:30 PM EST
Qualify: 9:30 PM EST
Open To: All Divisions and Applicants

Black Cat Aero 88 Series
Track Opens: 7:30 EST
Qualify: 8:30 EST
Open To: All Divisions and Applicants


Special Events 

The Pro Cup All Star Shootout
Next Event: June & December
Open To: Pro Division and Sportsman Cup Shootout transfers

The FSB Demolition Derby World Championships
Next Event: June & December
Open To: All Divisions

Triple Crown
Next Event: Annual Events
Open To: All Divisions and "approved" applicants

The King of the Hill
Next Event: June & December
Open To: All Divisions


Membership Fees:

Full Membership: $20 per Season.  Includes all events for 4 months. (3 Seasons per year ) 

Tryout: Free for about a month.  Regular season or off-season in all applicant eligible series. 


Member Divisions: 

Applicants: (One month free) Drivers who apply for a membership will go through this division for about a month. Interested drivers must be registered with the league and have signed off on various items required by the admin to gain passwords, forum access and assistance. See series list above for eligibility.

FSB Division: Drivers have earned a membership after the tryout.  Established to allow less experienced FSB drivers a place to run at their own pace for the most part. This is very similar to the Sportsman Division years ago. See series list above for eligibility.

Pro Division: Most experienced drivers.  Pro series feature looser setups and longer races.   Approval based on a vote among Pros already in the upcoming season.    See series list above for eligibility.

Division Summary: 

Some drivers take longer to develop their skills, car control, and patience on and off the track. There is no set length of time a driver must stay in any division.  So, all series admins will consider each driver on a case by case basis.   We will add as many drivers as we lost in the previous season to keep the total Pro Drivers around 35-40.  Pro series are officiated more heavily than any other series here.  Those causing excessive wrecks-yellows, those who break-bend the rules, or those who take the "fun" out of it for the rest of us will be removed from the Pro Division and/or the league altogether.  After reading all of this, those current members interested in changing divisions are encouraged to email the admin.


Membership Requirements:

Drivers need to continually display the good sportsmanship and clean driving skills they showed when they were accepted.  We reserve the right to vote out members who make the environment not enjoyable for others.  In other words, just because you get in, does not guarantee you will stay in. is a business and is run accordingly.  Drivers must keep up on their membership dues to hold their spot.  This allows us to have features like hundreds of trophies, live broadcasts, four 24/7 servers, and all the bells and whistles each member and guest enjoys.  It also provides minimal compensation to the many people behind the scenes who help us thrive every single day.  Fees are due by the 10th of each month.  Delinquent accounts for 30 days will be inactivated and eventually removed from the website. 

Two Incident Rule and Information:

An "incident" defined by the FSB Series Admins: "A driver could have and probably should have done something different to avoid contact, damage, or loss of position to another car under green or yellow flag conditions." All drivers have caused them and all drivers deal with them. It is a part of racing we are limiting but we will never remove them from all events. Incident causation is a judgement call by our series admins. When in doubt, consider the incident yours.

Multiple drivers can be scored for the same incident if more than one driver is involved. This also includes a self-spin or issue that results in a yellow flag being thrown. Under green flag conditions and especially during caution laps, incidents can be scored. Drivers plowing into wrecked/parked cars after an incident can be an additional incident as well. Exceptions are self-spins or issues that do not negatively effect other cars and/or do not bring out a yellow flag. Those situations do not count as incidents.

All drivers must retire immediately after their second incident caused in one event. They must retire safely off the racing surface without causing more issues. Pulling into the correct pit stall and retiring is preferred. If a driver has not honored this rule he/she will sit out the next event in the same series and will be notified via email. Re-occurring situations will result in a week off from all series. These situations can lead to the "one-and-done" probationary status. Probationary drivers will start each race with one incident caused and will follow the rule from there until the probation is lifted. Repeated situations from the same driver will require the suspension or dismissal from fsbracing. This has been very successful in allowing drivers to stay in the league.

If a driver is unsure whether he/she has any fault in an incident, he/she is encouraged to count it as one. This will ensure access to the next event. Finishing and getting points at the time of the incident is far better than missing an event or a week of events. Series admins are not required to make the call mid-race but they can notify drivers if they choose to do so. Not all series have viewing admins. Admins will review the incidents afterwards and will get second opinions from other series admins on close calls and rule infractions. All penalties, probation, and suspensions will be handled via email between the driver in question and series admins.

An incident even partially caused is something a driver should apologize for. We have many forms of communication to ensure sportsmanship principals. Each event has a post race forum for positive comments and apologies. Those who have been wronged are encouraged to publicly accept the apology and move on. These practices make for a much more enjoyable racing environment. 

Logging in:

All events will be held on a "First-come, first-serve," basis but we use the divisions to try and allow everyone at least one race per day, if not more.  The servers are limited to 40 drivers with 2 spots reserved for admins.  We continue to evolve the divisions to ensure there is enough room for everyone.  Drivers will not have substitute drivers for any reason on our servers.  If you log in, you must be the one driving anytime you are on our server, bottom line. Failure to comply with this could result in penalties and/or a dismissal from FSB Racing. 

Connection Issues:

If your connection/equipment is "consistently" poor, an admin will tell you that you will not be able to compete in the event.  You can monitor your connection by hitting "Control + C" while driving.  If Latency (ping) or Quality is in the red regularly, you may be asked to park it temporarily or for the remainder of the event.  We are sorry for this but warping and disappearing/reappearing cars distract everyone else on the track.  It is up to each driver to maintain a solid connection and pace to compete. The occasional warp does happen and we have to accommodate.  If an admin asks you to park your car because of warping you must do so. If you are disconnected because of warp, we will not reset. This is the only fair way to solve this issue.

Delaying a Start:    

FSB Racing does not delay the start of our weekly series events. When we are scheduled to qualify, it will begin. At the conclusion of the drivers meeting the admin will initiate happy hour and the race will run as scheduled. Any individual issues or disconnections during the qualifying or happy hour will not result in the restarting of the server. For the start of the race, if there is a dropped car or cars before the green flag, the admin can reset the race 1 time only. That reset of the race is official, and there will be no more resets, unless there is a massive server disconnect or other unusual circumstance. 
Once the green flag drops the race is official unless there is a "rainout", (a server crash), before halfway.

Note: A driver can connect during qualifying which allows for an extra 4-5 minutes to connect on most tracks.


A mass-disconnect of at least half the starting field or a server/track issue may result in restarting or rescheduling an event.  This will be decided by the admin of the event if the race is official or a rain-out will be required. The rain-out will move the event to the end of the season to be made up.

Online Practice:

The servers will be open at least 1 - 1.5 hours prior to race time for practice.  We also feature scheduled practice sessions throughout the week.  The servers are available to all league members when not scheduled to be in use. Please contact Sam Young @ for instructions on how to set up a server.


Once the host begins the qualifying session, drivers should proceed to run their qualifying lap/s.  IF taking the provisional, please select "Abort Qualifying Run."  Talking on the Teamspeak Racing Channels and in-game text chatting will not be allowed until the qualifying session has completely ended.  The server will not be reset for a late entry after qualifying has begun. 

Drivers Meetings: 

Meetings are held on Teamspeak in one of the Racing Channels when Happy Hour begins by the designated admin of the night.  The track will be closed until the meeting is over. The meetings are mandatory. and must be attended on TS,.  As long as you can hear in TS, even if you do not have a microphone, that would be acceptable for this requirement.  These meetings are to cover issues regarding the track, series, and more. This is the best time to ask a question about the upcoming event. 

Happy Hour:

Following the meeting, the server will be reset or opened for additional practice.  There will be a five, ten or fifteen minute Happy Hour before the race begins.


Try to relax, have fun, and improve while racing within your limits.  Start slow and let the tires warm at any track on any night.  The goal is to get everyone running to the end, and then race to the finish line with whom)

Lucky Dog Rule ( 2018)  AMENDED 2-14-21

- purpose is to allow the 1st car one or more laps down after a caution to be given 1 lap back after the field retakes the green flag. This applies through the whole race to any driver who is the 1st car back to the S/F line when the caution comes out, who registers on the F2 Standings screen at the S/F Line after the drivers have crossed the line and have taken the caution, is the recipient of the Lucky Dog (If NOT the cause of, or claims an incidend in that caution).  This rule applies throughout the entire race period until the race is over...IF POSSIBLE.

Lucky Dog will not be issued if the eligibie recipient was the cause of the caution.  The LD will then go to the next eligible driver 1 lap down, if not claiming an incident in the previous wreck.  And so on down the line.

The Lucky Dog recipient will be called out on TS and/or by typed chat, and when it is safe for admins to do so.  It is up to the possible recipients of the lucky dog to be informed of the lucky dog, and that can be done simply by the driver to go to the TS racing channel for instructions by the admin.  Admins will make the best call they can under the circumstances, but will not argue the Lucky Dog.  Admin may ask for input on the lucky dog, please respond to their requests. 

The procedure to carry out the lucky dog is as follows.  The recipient MUST get an EOLL penalty. Either by speeding while in the pits or exiting directly on the track (if able to do so safely and the track gives the penalty for it.  ie, exiting directly onto the track at Pocono is not possible, so the recipient must speed while in the pits.)  However the EOLL is attained, the driver must be at the rear of the pack with an EOLL penalty.  Others may have EOLL penalties too, but as long as the recipient receives the EOLL, the driver should line up according to the spotter amongst those that also have the EOLL. 

Once the green flag is waved, the Official will add 1 lap via the !lap+ #98 method.  

The Official's call on the recipient of the EOLL is not disputable, as there is no way for our officials to determine position, except by the F-2, while race is in progress.  Do not argue with the official about the LD.  If there are questions or complaints, save your replay and send it to the promoter or the admin via email with an explanation after the race.

Amended 2-14-21:  Lucky Dog will NOT be issued if there is a restart with 10 or less to go.

Pace Lap: 

Burnouts at the start or on the pace/caution lap will not be tolerated.  Drivers should be aware that tire warming could cause wrecks. It really doesn't help warm the tires until you get up to speed.  We encourage drivers not to do this.  All drivers should maintain an approximate distance of  2 - 4 car lengths from the car in front of them at all times during pace or caution laps.  Depending on the track, this may be less or more. The main issue is not to get too close and to not to lay back.  All drivers are to maintain the pace car speed until the green flag waves.  We will not restart any league race once the green flag is waved, period. This is the only way to make racing as fair as possible for all drivers. Only a server malfunction may result in the restart of a race. 

Taking the Green Flag:

When approaching the green flag: Laying back or jumping the start to gain an advantage is not allowed.  All drivers must maintain the pace car speed until the green flag is shown during starts/restarts. You are not to pass, or attempt to pass, either high or low, before the S/F. line.  You must remain in line until you pass the S/F. The leader must do his best to keep an even pace with the pace car.   All drivers need to be aware that anything can happen and we all must do our best to start clean without gaining an unfair advantage over another driver. Use the "F2 + (space-bar)" screen while racing to see the intervals.  The leader sets the pace based on the pace car’s speed until the green flag drops. Drivers must not accelerate until the green flag is in the air. Give the car in front of you some room because of cold tires causing spins and most wrecks happen on restarts.  Lappers are expected to do their best and stay low until it is safe to merge.  There is no need to be aggressive on the first lap of a race or restart. No need to go three wide or upset the flow of the field early. This will be watched very closely. Warnings/penalties will be handed out if the admins see a need.

No Passing Until the Back-straight Rule: (DISCONTINUED SEASON 35 - Starting September 1, 2019)

FSB now incorporates a “No passing until the back-straight rule.” This means the racing does not start until then. No attempting to pass the car that is starting directly in front of you until the back-straight. Occasions will arise where a judgment call is required. If someone spins the tires or loses a gear for example, you can pass safely. The purpose of the rule is to eliminate turn one wrecking where the most cars will be negatively effected.  This does not apply to caution free road racing or races designated by the host. However, all rules about aggressive moves early that lead to wrecks will not be tolerated. We should all try to take it easy early. Thank you in advance.  THE BACKSTRAIGHT RULE IS SUSPENDED IF THE RACE HAS A RESTART WITH 10 OR LESS LAPS TO GO.  DRIVERS ARE PERMITTED 1O OR UNDER TO RACE WITH NO BACKSTRAIGHT RULE.  Go at Green.  Lappers must be in the rear of the field, as well as those lined up ahead of the leaders for such a restart.  Do not get out of line before the green flag drops.  Just because the backstraight rule is waived for 10 or under to go, does not mean we can start passing or getting out of line before the green flag.  Those doing so will be sitting out the following scheduled event in that series.  

Taking the Yellow Flag: RULE AMMENDED AUGUST 1, 2021

At the time the caution flag is displayed with more than 10 laps remaining in the race, all drivers are to do their best to hold position coming back to the start/finish line to officially take the caution, safely slowing to avoid becoming entangled in the incident themselves should there be stopped cars on the track ahead. We recognize that the game itself does not freeze the field as well as differences in reaction time and circumstances of the incident may lead to some inadvertent passes here, but it is up to the drivers to use sportsmanship and good judgement to determine and maintain the position they are in at the time of caution. If cars are side-by-side at the time, again use good judgement and sportsmanship to decide if the pass was made or to revert back to the previous scored lap. Once all cars have officially taken the yellow flag, the positions are locked by the game itself until either pit stops or the green flag is once again displayed.

Reasonable speed should still be maintained coming to the line to take a caution flag.  Major speed reduction should be saved for the backstretch after officially taking the yellow flag to wait for the pace car.

This rule is suspended if the caution flag waves with 10 laps or less remaining in the event, drivers may race back to the line for position at their own risk if the track is clear. 

THIS FOLLOWING RULE DISCONTINUED jULY 30, 2021 When a caution flag is shown, drivers may race back to the line for position at their own risk if the track is clear.  Consider allowing cars a lap down to get their lap back if they are in position and it is safe to do so. Our league is based off Nascar 2003 game rules for the most part.   Once a driver takes a caution flag, they should perform a controlled slowdown by letting off the gas and coasting to the backstretch. Pull off to the side and proceed to catch the pace car when it passes you. Under no circumstances should a driver stop or slam on their brakes at the S/F line.  The leader can notify the field of the situation when he gets to the backstraight.  "Holding for pace car" or, "Slowing up guys." etc.  By text or Teamspeak if possible.  If a driver is told to stay behind another car by the in-game spotter, they should move to the apron and notify the field of a black flag until they get back in the correct position. In a controlled manner all drivers should catch up to the lead pack ASAP.  Furthermore, incidents under yellow should not happen. Do your best to watch out while looking at your fuel, tires, etc.

Off-The-Pace/Lapped Drivers:

Drivers that are off the pace for any reason should stay out of the preferred line or racing groove when being approached by faster cars. Preferably, they should stay high and give faster cars the low line. Under all circumstances, they should stay out of the racing groove when being passed.  Simple way to look at it is if the cars in front of you are getting away and those behind you are still close, let them go.  Under caution, any car not on the lead lap should be on the inside line before the green flag drops as their spotter suggests.  Occasionally drivers can stay in the back to stay out of the way but not when other lapped cars need you up there first.  This is imperative so untimely black flags are not given to those who made no mistakes.  If you are looking to stay in the back on the restart, you will need to pull through the pits the last time by under yellow. Intentionally getting penalties to do this will not be acceptable.  

Pit Stops:

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season provides an autochat feature within the game. This feature allows the driver to utilize 10 predetermined messages while driving by using the "#" (0-9) keys (a huge plus while driving).  The desired message will automatically display your name and car number. For example, the first line (which appears when you press the "1" key may read “wrecker-1 – Pitting, pass high”. These messages can be customized by editing the autochat section of your options menu. They will be truncated if too long, so be to the point.  Also, you may be able to program your steering wheel buttons to handle the autochat commands. All drivers should ensure that their autochat file contains messages to indicate you are entering and leaving the pits. You must notify all other drivers each time you enter and leave the pits under green flag conditions. All other autochat messages are optional.

Pit Stall Passing:

Drivers will not pass a car on the left when that car is in the stall.  Drivers who are pinned into their stall for any reason need to wait for a clear exit or back up while not causing an incident with another car.  

Short Track Pitting: 

Drivers shall not go below the pit road yellow line unless directly getting in or out of their stall. Drivers should not use this line to gain an advantage. It is out of bounds for everyone.  This is especially prevalent on tracks with pit stall on the front and back straights. 

Pit Road Entrance:

Before entering pit road under green (on turn 3 or 4), drivers must send an autochat message indicating their intentions to pit.   (autochat message not needed during yellow). When on pit road drivers should stay in the far right lane until just before their pit stall. Drivers are responsible to make sure it is safe to move over into their pit stall.  Drivers are not allowed to drive through other’s pit stalls while entering or exiting their own stall.  On most tracks, we allow drivers to go through one stall on the way in and one stall on the way out.  Drivers shall obey the pit road speed limit at all times.  When exiting their pit stall drivers should move to the right side of pit road as soon as possible. Merge with traffic carefully. At the end of pit road drivers must send an autochat message indicating they are leaving pit road under green.  All on track rules about passing and reckless driving apply to pit road as well.  Excessive black flags create confusion on restarts and will not be acceptable.  Practice pitting prior to the race and know the speed limit as well as where to correctly enter and exit the pits.  If you find yourself one lap down or more, you will not be allowed to pit on the first pace lap. Listen to your spotter to tell you when it is ok to pit.

Pit Road Exit:

Merge onto the track safely when the spotter tells you to do so. But, be careful.  We do not enforce an “exit on the backstretch only rule.”  Drivers are required to stay low while exiting under green until they get up to speed. Passing cars must also be careful to avoid slower traffic.  Use Teamspeak and autochats to communicate as the safest approach.

Ten Lap Rule:   Updated 11-15-22

When a caution comes out with 10 or less laps to go, all lapped cars must drive down pit road to allow lead lapped cars to get ahead of them. This rule also will apply to drivers on the tail end of the lead lap. Lapped cars should do this on the second caution lap (so, all lead cars that want to pit need to do it on the first lap by or they may be forced to restart behind the lapped cars). This rule is to respect the leaders and let them battle for the win. Lapped cars do not have to actually pit, a drive through is sufficient.  Passing will not be permitted on pit road during execution of this rule unless the car in front of you actually makes a stop in their pit box.   Any driver who fails to follow this rule for any reason by not driving thru the pits as instructed will be at the mercy of whatever the admin decides.  Most likely, they will have to pit the next time by.  If you are unsure of when you should pit, you need to ask on teamspeak or type in the game as the yellow comes out. It is always the second lap of caution.  The first lap is for lead lap cars only.  On some tracks, the lead car one lap down on pit road may be instructed to slow the pit road speed to ensure they are behind all lead lap cars when they get back on the track.

Bump Drafting:

Bump drafting will not be allowed in the corners on any track. Drivers can bump draft on a straightaway only, and you do so at your own risk.  The driver you are bumping has every right to say no.  If he does not give consent, do not bump him.  If bump drafting causes a wreck at any time, it will be considered aggressive driving and aggressive/reckless driving penalties can be enforced. 


Blocking is not allowed until 2 laps to go on all tracks.  Even then, drivers block the fast line at their own risk.  Low-lining is not considered blocking and is acceptable, swerving or changing your line to keep another car from passing is considered blocking at fsb and is not allowed.


Drivers must not dive low to pass going into a corner when it is not clear.  In on-line racing, contact is the number one no-no and should be avoided at all times, especially in the corners.  Clean passing requires skill and patience. Practice and learn from mistakes. Just because you see an opening, does not mean it will be open when you get there. The admins will watch passing and blocking closely and penalize reoccurring issues accordingly.

Incident Accountability Rule:  (Discontinued at the start of Season 36)

A driver or drivers who are the cause/claimant of an incident that brings out the caution flag, will be required to get an EOLL penalty and start in the rear of the following restart.  This rule does not apply to green flag incidents that did not bring out a caution.  Penalty:  1 week off that series.  The rule DOES NOT carry over to the following week for a race ending caution.

The Racing Surface (Three types) 

1) On designated oval tracks such as all Superspeedways, all high banked add ons and all Open Wheel Racing high grip tracks there will be no passing below the line. This line might be yellow or white. This line is the one separating the track from the apron. Do not attempt a pass by going below this line. 

2) On all other oval tracks drivers are allowed to go below the line onto the apron to advance position regardless of the line color. However, do not go onto the grass to advance position. Please note that the spotter does not recognize the situation correctly when cars are on the apron. The spotter will not tell you when a car is along side in most cases. It is up to the driver to race cleanly and to not rely on the spotter in traffic. 

3) On all road courses drivers are required to keep at least two tires on the racing surface at all times. The occasional mishap is acceptable but to repeatedly gain an advantage by doing this is not allowed. The curb is also considered part of the racing surface and is in play. Grass, gravel, or sand areas are not. 

Careless/Reckless Driving:

Careless and reckless driving will not be tolerated. If a driver believes another driver is handling their car in a careless or reckless manner they should notify the admin through private email. Save a replay.  The admins will watch careless and reckless driving closely and penalize reoccurring issues accordingly.  We all make mistakes but we all also have to be trying to improve each time out. 

Leaving the Track/Server:

If a driver leaves the track mid race for any reason, they must park their car safely off the track.  Drivers should do all they can not to bring out a yellow when exiting.  A driver’s exit that causes a yellow can be viewed as careless driving.

Flaming, Arguing, & Bitching:

Drivers will not flame (yell at and/or insult) another driver before, during, or after any event. If a driver feels another driver has acted inappropriately, they should contact the admin through private email.  The forum and race chat will be monitored and censored by the admins.  Flaming, offending and disrespecting another member or potential member will not be tolerated. Penalties and/or suspension can be administered because of flaming violations.  Private messages in the game, forum, social media or email to insult or threaten another driver may call of an instant dismissal.

Retaliation/Intentional Wrecking: 

Any driver who retaliates in any form during or after an event or intentionally wrecks another driver may be subject to an instant dismissal from the league. 

Driver Complaints:

If a driver encounters repeated instances of poor driving or inappropriate actions by another driver, they are encouraged to contact the admin via private email.  Save replays.  Admins will review the incident objectively and warnings, penalties, and/or suspensions may be handed down. All on track incidents will be handled and/or discussed after the race.  There are many drivers on the track so please exit quietly.    

If the complaint is an incident or multiple incidents, save and forward the replays. The available admins will review the issue and make a ruling.  Complaints will not be filed during a race or in the forum. Above all, do not flame in the game or on Teamspeak. Again, disrespecting another driver or an admin will not be tolerated.  If it is an immediate problem that must be addressed during a race, talk to the admin moderating the event and he will do all he can to correct the problem as soon as possible. The admin will make a ruling on all formal protests. The ruling is final.

Cheating: will not tolerate cheating. If a driver is found to be using bugs, loopholes or otherwise manipulating the system or software to gain an advantage, they will be expelled from the league. Any league driver at any time can be required to run through hackersmacker at the admin’s request.  Replays can be requested as well.

Post Race Tech Inspection:

All drivers are required to save their complete replays for two weeks following any FSB points race or special event.  All drivers will be required to know how to submit replay clips to when called upon.  See the forum gentlemen's agreement section for instructions.  Failure to do so when asked may result in a suspension. A complete replay means green flag to the checkers or your retirement.  Drivers do not need to save practice, qualifying or happy hour. There may be rare times where it does not get saved.  Weird things happen to us all so we will allow the occasional miss.  However, if a driver repeatedly cannot follow through when requested, penalties will be handed out. 


At any time, warnings, point deductions, and suspensions may be handed down for problems. The admins will to their best to correct a problem ASAP. If it means making an example out of a driver, so be it.  Be respectful at all times, do what an admin asks when the spotlight is on.   We tend to focus on reoccurring issues. Some issues are more serious than others and are dealt with swiftly.  Some issues are isolated and are monitored for some time.   We all have bad nights and those effected need to let it go publicly. This theory only works when those who repeatedly ruin other’s races need to settle down and re-focus on pace racing to finish without contact or causing yellows. 

Drivers who received warnings/penalties via private email need to follow them and the issue will usually be forgotten.  Penalties are based on the severity of the issue/incidents, intent, accountability, and the ability to make things right. We will never stop preaching that this is not real.  We do all we can to make it look and feel real, but it aint.  We can control what we say and type a lot more than what we do on the virtual race track. That is what the admins here focus on enforcing.  Showing respect.  Try hard, but know much of the outcome is not decided by you. It’s racing, anything can happen. 

New Rules/Corrections:

Admins reserve the right to impose a new rule during the upcoming season if we deem it necessary to correct problems with any of our events. This will be done so with an admin vote if it is a major change.  We are constantly looking for way to improve the league. We encourage suggestions through email to the admins. 

Individual Scoring:

The FSB Point system is used for all series.  Laps led, most laps led, and finishing position.  Each driver will get 0 points for missing an event.  The server limit is 40 cars.  Some series may feature adjusted scoring methods.  

Returning From Retirement: 

The league admin/s will decide if a retired/dismissed driver will be allowed to return to league regardless of the length of time off. If allowed to come back, all drivers who have been inactive for more than one calendar year will be required to re-tryout if they request to return. They will be added to the applicant list and will need to tryout just like first time FSB applicants. Drivers who have been inactive for less than one calendar year may be placed into the appropriate division without tryout based on admin approval and their division status when they left. Email for further clarification.


Team Scoring:

In series that participate in team racing, the highest two finishers from each team will have their points added to the team standings.  Standings are kept in the forum.  See table in the forum.  This will be calculated weekly on the Team Update Forum.   Drivers joining or creating new teams must get approval from the league admin beforehand. Teams may have their own private TeamSpeak channel.  During the race, only your team members are allowed in your team channel during an actual race.  Rule does not apply during practice. 

Team Contracts:

Teams will have 2-4 active drivers from any division.  Any driver that starts a season with a particular team will only be scored for that team, or no team, for the rest of the season. If the driver leaves the team for any reason, he will be considered an independent driver until the season is over. After the final regular season race the free agent signing period begins. Any driver that starts a season as an independent or joins the league mid-season can join a team and will be scored for that team for the rest of the season. Exception: If a driver leaves a team and/or the league and comes back in the same season, he can rejoin the same team, in the same season, if they still have room. 

Race Results:

We always go with the results the game gives us.  It is known to have errors.  One of which is getting disqualified after an event.  Do not go backwards on the track until the race is official. It is official when the lights go out on the track.   If you get DQ'ed or a black flag, it will not be cleared for any reason. If the server crashes during the event resulting in a "rain-out," we must be more than halfway done AND an export of the results at the time of the rain out must be saved by someone and sent to the admin.  The Admins will decide if the results are final or a make-up race is required.   


The trophies and plaques are awarded each season.   They can be personalized and shipped after the All Star Shootout each off-season.  All our trophies, plaques, and awards are provided by the sponsors and 

Special Events:

All special events are clearly defined long before the event in regards to the starting field and the settings that will be used. See our forum and each event's webpage for more info. More are added each off-season  Here is the answer to the question asked at the end of the rules page in Rules Signoff...Trixie is the latest member added to our family.     

Passwords and email confidentiality: 

All participants should maintain strict confidentiality of passwords, emails of other participants, etc., which may be distributed to certain members.  Emailing the league roster should only be done by an admin. Use the PM in the forum to contact other drivers. If you want something emailed to the league, send it to Sam Young and he will forward it upon approval.

Driver Name & Number:

FSB requires all members to use a full name rather than a nickname. This is to add to the realism.  Always Log in with the correct user name and car file each event.  Drivers will choose one number for all mods.  Any number or name changes must be cleared by the admin first.

Car Files:

It is up to all drivers to make sure they are running the car file they uploaded into the Car File Manager.  Drivers may have one paint scheme per series.  Once the car file deadline is set, all drivers will run their paint scheme from that day until the final regular season event.  The deadline is the second week of the season.  The file size limit on car files will be 3.0 MB. 


Teamspeak 3:

Teamspeak is mandatory for pre-race driver’s meetings in points races. Drivers must be logged in to the racing channel for drivers meetings after qualifying.  After that, drivers can use their team channels or even log off. In regards to clearing penalties yourself, passing clean, and pitting safely, it is very helpful.  If a driver has problems with Teamspeak, he must e-mail the admin ASAP to get it fixed.  It is available the FSB-LIVE page.  

RACE CHANNELS: Are for racing communication purposes only on league nights. These channel have a password so all racers who wish to communicate while racing can do so without trying to type while driving.  
LOBBY CHANNELS: Designated for general conversation at any time.
TEAM CHANNELS: You can request a private team channel by emailing the league admin and it can have a password if you like.  Only four drivers are permitted.
LANGUAGE: We are all adults here and some offensive language will be heard.  As long as no member is disrespected, adult language is acceptable for the most part.

Chatter must be limited during any FSB League event.  With so many drivers using our Teamspeak server now, it is important that all drivers have the opportunity to hear their spotter, crew chief, and tires. They also need to hear other drivers communicating things like wrecks, slowing up for cautions, and communicating when passing.  Do not abuse this feature by excessively talking, griping, or bitching during a league race.   Save it until after an event has concluded.  Talk to the admin privately if you are unhappy.

Chatting will generally not be allowed on Teamspeak when cautions come out. It is up to the admin of each series to enforce this.  If he says be quiet, please do it.  Once we are all lined up and black flags are announced, have at it.  Drivers need to hear their spotters to try and prevent black flags. The leader should call out or type when he has the pace car. You will need to type and/or say your black flag. Once most of the field has pitted and the field is in order, those who think they might have made a mistake should apologize at this time. The post race forums are preferred for this to ensure the drivers involved know it was not intentional.  Regular race chat can continue until one half-lap to go until the green flag. 


Signing Off: 

Thank you for joining the most fun, fair, and competitive racing league on the web.  All drivers must complete the sign in process to race.  

By submitting the answer you agree to follow all rules and guidelines listed on this page.  You also agree to the terms of the Core Rule above.  No driver shall call out, or disrespect another driver, or the league; in game, game chat, TeamSpeak, and social media.  Failure to follow our core rule will lead to dismissal.  This is a club of gentlemen racers in a league that has maintained this core principle since 2003.  Please put "Sportsmanship" in the answer box below along with your email address and hit submit to complete the process.

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