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Welcome To The FSB Racing Downloads Page!
Home Of NR2003 Tracks And Mods
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FSB's Nr2003 Mods
No-CD+ Patch
No CD NR2003 Patch + Logo remover.

End it all
for WIN98 & ME

End it all 2
for WIN XP

Teamspeak 3
Client Download 32 or 64 bit

PTA Higher Cockpit View

Nextel Update Patch
BP Superspeedways
Short Tracks
Road Courses
Dirt Tracks
Open Wheel Tracks
Nr2003 Mods
Gen6BR15 (Cup Physics)
Monday night - Link from BRM

Gen6BR15 (CTS Physics)
Tuesday night - Link from BRM

NXS15 (GNS Physics)
Wednesday night

Indycar_Racing - DW12
Used for our seasonal Indy 300 race. Updated to
These are FSB Racings most essential mods
Installing all of these mods would ensure you are ready for this seasons races.
Trans-Am (PTA)
Wednesday night

CWS15 Direct Download
Thursday night

Aerowar 1988 v1.1 (Aero88) (exe)
Tuesday night, Friday night, Sunday night.

Aero 88 (.zip Folder)
If the exe is not working, this is the traditional .zip
SRA Tracks
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