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1) In your Local Disk C: Directory (Where your PAPYRUS folder is located) make a new folder called GTP

2) Copy your whole Papyrus folder and paste it into the GTP folder. Your file directory for GTP should now be "C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season" (You will also need to route anything GTP related to this directory only.)

3) Open your series folder inside your new C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season directory, and delete all mods EXEPT for the "cup" mod

4]) Install the GTP MOD V1.1 setup to the new C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season directory that you created. When the installer asks where to install GTP, select  C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season.

*** If you are running NR2003 without the CD, you MUST install the GTP No-CD Patch! This IS DIFFERENT then the generic NOCD patch you may already have installed.
Click on the GTP No CD Patch link to begin downloading.

Once the download is complete, open up the file and extract BOTH the GTP Launcher and the NR2003.exe and drop them into                        your new C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season directory.

Overwrite the exisiting files when asked. The original files are included if needed.

5) Open up the GTP Launcher located in C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season, then select a chassis.  The four chassis’ are:

        Toyota CV-88 (chassis A)
        Jaguar XJR9 (chassis B)
        Sauber Mercedes C9 (chassis C)
        Mazda 787B (chassis D)

6) Then select whether you want to go into a Day or Night and Single player or Multiplayer game (this must be decided in the launcher before you go in.)

If you are having issues when you click drive, or the game crashes while driving, please click here to view the FAQ.

PLEASE use the forum to ask for assistance if needed, we want to help you! :)

Where to install additonal downloads?

Download tracks to the TrackD folder:
C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season\trackD folder
Note: Tracks found here will all be GTP ready.  No ini files to update or known problems.

Download setups to the Player/setups/track folder:
C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season\players\your_name\setups\corresponding track folder (Daytona)
Note: The track folder name in the setups folder must match the track folder in the /trackD folder.  Each driver profile has it's own set of track folders and setups.  You may need to create this folder if you have not been on the particular track yet.

Download replays to the replays folder
C:\GTP\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season\replays folder
Note: You will need the track installed to view a replay from that track

GTP Frequently Asked Questions


Daytona R/C - Hockenheim - Laguna  Seca - Le Mans - Limerock Park - Kyalami - Riverside - Road America - Sebring - Silverstone - Spa Francorchamps - Watkins Glen
Q. GTP will not launch, stating there is No CD ROM drive available. Do I need to buy a CD or CD Drive to use GTP?

A. No. There is a separate no CD patch for GTP that you need to download. Along with the Nr2003.exe, the GTP launcher also checks if you have the correct NR2003 disk inserted before the game starts. The GTP No CD patch comes with a patched launcher, and a patched Nr2003.exe. The original GTP files are also included in case you feel the need to switch back to disk in the future. Simply take the GTP Launcher and Nr2003.exe from the patch folder and copy paste them into your new GTP Nr2003 Directory. Overwrite existing files when asked. The GTP NO CD patch can be found above.

Q. GTP will launch, but as soon as I click drive my game crashes.

A. To fix this, try disabling DEP. Disabling DEP fixes many issues with GTP. Although you may be able to get away
with disabling DEP on the launcher and the nr2003.exe, Some had to completely disable DEP on every program to get GTP to work. Even though they didn't need to for their normal NR2003. Here is how to completely disable DEP.

Open the Command window as Administrator. Do this by typing cmd in the program search field near the Start menu.

Enter the command bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff and press enter.

Restart the computer.
DEP will now be completely, and permanently off.

Q. I can get into my car, but as I drive my game suddenly stops responding.

A. Try disabling 3D Audio. This is another issue I never have with NR2003 that we experienced with GTP. Simply unchecking 3D audio should do the trick, but you can also turn your maximum sounds down to at least 12 to be safe.

Q. What server are we running on in 2020? RLM Server 4 has no one online.

A. GTP is now moving to direct IP. The IP is given to all FSB Drivers.